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Video Resume

This video resume includes a 45 second montage and three packages that aired on one of KOMU-TV 8's newscasts.

Producer Video Resume

This producer video resume includes a 45 second montage of headlines and teases as well as a complete newscast. The newscast included both reporter and technical difficulties, but by remaining calm I was able to make the newscast look seamless. In this show we had trouble transferring video and all of the weather graphics disappeared. To combat these issues, I moved around some of the stories in the rundown as well as entire blocks.

Black Friday Turnout

Hardcore Black Friday shoppers didn't wake up before the sun rose-- they just didn't go to sleep.

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Law Greets the Holidays

Mid-Missouri law enforcement agencies held their annual Home for the Holiday's Special Traffic Enforcement.

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Staying Out of the Red

Diesel prices continue to fall, but one county department is still feeling the burn of record fuel prices.

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Striking Brotherly Love

A pair of kingpin brothers prove you can bowl well at any age.

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